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🌶 The Meeting Spicer 🌶

The 30-second workout to make your work-meetings awesome!

Wemanity is proud to support the Meeting Spicer project! Regis Schneider our Weman and his friend Dov Tsal – two Agile coaches who have been working for years with different organizations worldwide – came to the realization that the one recurring issue for most organizations of all types and sizes is ineffective meetings.

If your meetings lack energy and focus, this tool is for you!

The Meeting-Spicer is a set of 30-second group activities designed to help your team feel more engaged in meetings that finally become more effective and fun! 

Download the free demo version

To buy your own full Meeting-Spicer deck of cards or to support the project, let’s meet on their IndieGoGo page. Or follow them on Facebook! 👍

The Demo DIY version of the game includes:

– Detailed instruction for cutting and setting up the deck.

– A mini usage booklet.

– Start-Meeting cards, End-Meeting cards, and Surprise cards.

– Sample Role-cards, Time-cards, and Emoticards.

– Some blank cards, allowing you to add your own ideas.