Meet Valentin


I joined Wemanity in September 2014. I wanted to get closer to people compared to my previous jobs (web marketing, digital communication, etc.) to meet new people. Whether with a recruiting focus (my 1st year) or, now, a business focus as Social & Digital Sales: my objective is to deliver value. That is what is driving me. I am convinced about our value proposition, and I want to share this with people.

In parallel, I also focus on continuous improvement by facilitating the interactions in the team I belong to.



So Valentin, who are you?


W : My favourite gadget as Social & Digital Sales is…

V : My phone: each time I enter a meeting, I go to LinkedIn to refresh my memory and get nice insights about the people I am meeting: actual work, challenges & mutual connections essentially.

Also, Googling the people to gather any other relevant information :).


W : Why Wemanity?

V : Well, I had the opportunity to choose another company to develop a new offer, focusing on digital, something great. But Wemanity offered me so much more: a vision, learning, lots of topics I am keen on (IoT, (Lean) start-ups, AI, robotics, etc.), resilience, commitment, freedom essentially.
And Wemanity’s journey is just starting, let us see what will happen in the near future!


W : What is your favourite Agile principle and why?

V : Continuous improvement for sure! Many people think Agile is just for IT. That is totally wrong! Some principles can be applied in every context, such as continuous improvement. We can always take time to think about what was done and then experiment with new ways of achieving a task, some of them being just more efficient.


W : What are your favourite metaphors when it comes to Agility?

V : “Going the extra mile”: when something is done, you need to go further, invest time to have a retrospective and think about possible ways to achieve it better. You think you are done, but you can do better.

“Done is better than perfect”: it does not contradict what I said previously. When you invest time to improve yourself/ your product, you still need to keep the business value in mind; is it still relevant to improve something if it doesn’t benefit your product/ efficiency significantly?