Wemanity has a strong and shared mission: to unleash the potential of people and businesses by building an empowering and Agile working environment. In our journey, we regularly meet like-minded people with amazing stories. That's how we met Helen Walton, the founder of the conference Spark The Change. We fell in love with her and with the conference the second we found out what they were doing. This was in 2014 and we've been working very closely with Helen ever since. What started with a friendly partnership ended up by Helen asking us to take over most of the conference to help grow the Spark movement. So yeah, we're amazingly proud to have Spark the Change on our ecosystem.


What is Spark all about?


Spark brings together leaders from all businesses with one mission only: to create lasting and total change in the way we work. With events in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Melbourne, Montréal and Paris (new !), we aim to inspire our attendees and help them develop the skills they need to make a lasting mark, and undergo a positive change. We bring a serie of inspirationnal talks from people who already went through a positive change before and are keen to share their learnings. And highly interactive workshops by some of today's finest transformers and disruptors.



For over three years, Spark welcomed over 80 companies (Unilever, Red Gate Software, Spotify...) and 160 attendees from various businesses, the public sector and charities - and quite a few independant consultants and academics, such as Tim Harford (FT or Jürgen Appelo (Happy Melly, Management 3.0...)


After attending Spark the Change, you will know exactly what change you should be sparking tomorrow !

If you're interested in organizing Spark in your city and grow our community, drop us a mail at info[at]sparkthechange.eu