Wemanity has the goal of changing the global way of working, by changing the old way of thinking inside the working world. And one way to do that is to spread our techniques, our thoughts, our ideas. That’s why Wemanity is proud to have the “Spark The Change” brand inside its group.


Spark the Change is not just a conference, it is also an opportunity, a community. Spark brings together people from all businesses to work together to create lasting and total change. The community spirit is a priority : knowledge sharing, exchanging tips, getting to know other people are very important. And that, of course, in a worldwide dimension ! Spark is already present in London, Toronto, Melbourne and the Netherlands.



For over three years, Spark has welcomed over 80 companies (Unilever, Red Gate Software, Spotify…) and 160 attendees from various businesses, the public sector and charities – and quite a few independent consultants and academics, such as Tim Harford (FT) or Jurgen Appelo (Happy Melly, Management 3.0)..

So at each conference, Spark brings inspirational talks from people who already went through a positive change before, and are keen to share their learnings.  By those conferences and workshops, you will know exactly what change you should be sparking.