Meet Patrick


During my 20+ years in IT environments in several consultancy roles and project management, we did a good job if we met criteria on budget, time and quality. But did we really? I always had the feeling something was missing. The Agile mindset filled that gap for me.

I really enjoy it when people achieve results they never thought about or that seemed too far reached. I like creating a save, open and transparent environment where people can take their responsibilities and work together to achieve the best result for that time. Always keeping the Agile Manifesto in mind.


So Patrick, who are you?


W : Which song describes Agility best?

P : Each song is an Agile example to me. Not the lyrics, not the music but how the song came about. It started small and got bigger and better over time. Improving with each iteration.


W : In which non-IT related area could Agile do wonders and why?

P : Agile will do wonders in each (non-IT related) area. Think about the Agile mindset, attitude and behaviour and about how this will take a shift in how we look at our environment and way of working.


W : The ultimate me-time is made of…

P : Reading, cooking, baking and I love to watch the handball matches of my children. I’m always short of me-time :).


W : Why Wemanity?

P : I heard a lot of good stories about Wemanity. A team with professionals in Agile (coaching), Arie van Bennekum as thought leader and a proven and practical transition model. I wanted to be part of a continuously improving organization.