Meet Ingrid


During my 20 years in IT I have seen too many unhappy, grumpy people making each other's lives even more difficult. 5 years ago I met Arie van Bennekum and I was trained in the Agile way of working. Finally there was an answer to all problems in IT - the Agile Manifesto and its supporting methods - and it worked! The manifesto provides a platform to start the dialogue with all people involved, outside IT departments as well. And it also supports the conversation about adding value, delivering results and responsibilities. As an Agile Coach I gladly support people and organizations in discovering the benefits of collaboration and communication, guiding them towards a better working environment.



So Ingrid, who are you?


W : What is your favourite Agile value and why?

I : "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” is my favourite! Together with my ‘Snorkeling sign’ I try to make people aware of how they communicate; how they are affected by others and how they affect others.


W : What is your favourite agile quote?

I : “The wisdom of many is preferable to the brilliance of one.” Agility is about collaboration. You need other people; you can’t do it on your own. And everybody has capabilities and together you are stronger!


W : The ultimate me-time is made of…

I : My hobby’s; reading science fiction, running, good cooking and being with my friends.


W : Why Wemanity?

I : The story told by J.C. Conticello, the founder of this company, is why I chose to join Wemanity: “Let’s change the world and make it a better working place”.



Ingrid visualized