The Illustrated Guide to Agile Best Practices


The book you are holding in your hands is the fruit of an experience like no other. Wemanity launched a daunting challenge to the French Agile community: to co-write a book, together and in 48 hours, bundling our best practices, those we hold close to our hearts.



This guide, in which you will find all these Agile practices to be adopted urgently, bears the fruit of this moment of sharing and collective work.



The Illustrated Guide of Agile Best Practices is a publication by Wemanity, with the kind participation of Lean Kanban FranceTerre d’Agile and the Agile community gathered at Lean Kanban France 2015.



If you want to receive the digital version of the guide, please send us an email and we will be happy to send you the PDF book.



We hope you enjoy reading this book, and that it stimulates exchange and the sharing of ideas!






We take advantage of this opportunity to immediately implement the best practice of Know when to say thank you. Thank you all for making this initiative possible!


Thank you, dear contributors, for participating and letting this initiative grow. A book emerged in 48 hours, bundling our best practices. It’s the symbol of a joint success, speaking on behalf of an entire community.


A big thank you to the organisers of the Lean Kanban France, who allowed us to initiate and helped organize this challenge during the two days conference. Also a big thank you to the facilitation team (Terre d’Agile and Wemanity), ensuring the illustration of each practice: Yohan, Dominique L., Dominique P., Stéphane, and Romain. Thanks also to Sandra, Kate and Hans for the translation of this guide from French to English and to Maarten for recreating certain illustrations in English. 


And of course thank you, our readers, for bringing this book to life.