Digital & Business Transformation


The digital evolution is continuing at a breathtaking pace. Exponential technology advances, greater consumer power and changing consumer behaviours are impacting the market like never before. These fast paced changes call for new approaches of your business. Wemanity helps companies transform their businesses in an incremental way to sustain and strengthen existing business models and through a breakthrough approach to create new disrupting business models.

With our very own Innovation Journey, Wemanity will be your partner through the implementation of the needed agile culture and the digital transformation all the way to the creation or sourcing of your very own startup.


Culture and Digital transformaton - Acculturation

  • Learning Expedition
  • Field Study
  • Digital Days 
  • Conferences


Incremental Innovation - Short iterations & quick-win optimisation

  • Experience Design
  • Digital Traction
  • Digital performance
  • Management (analytics)
  • Technology 


Breakthrough Innovation - Mid- & longterm perspectives

  • Ideation
  • Innovathon 
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Internal Fundraising
  • Internal Project Acceleration : XP Lab, Digital Factory
  • Minimum Viable Product
Wemanity's Macro Innovation Journey